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Hello Chennaites, we at Sebze are motivated by ancient knowledge, science, sustainability, and protection. Sebze has made online shopping for fresh produce much easier with its hassle-free home delivery options. You may plan your order and pick your delivery slot in advance. Sebze offers the greatest pricing on farm-fresh produce compared to other stores and vendors. The attractive bargains might save you up to 25% on your monthly grocery expenditures. Sebze gathers fresh fruits and vegetables from a vast network of farmers across Tamilnadu, providing you with farm-to-table products in less than 18 hours. Quality fresh products are ensured with our safe and hygienic packaging and you get the best quality fresh produce. We provide fair margins for our food producers. We create chemical-free food, avoiding synthetic pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers. Instead, we advise them to use compost and mechanical weed control. We are constantly working towards long-term crop planning, farm business management, and capital development. We provide fair margins for our farming partners and fair prices for their customers. Together, we support local economies. Get ready to shop from the comfort of your house, office, or on the move. Get access to our local, nutrient-rich, flavorful, hand-crafted greens, fruits, and vegetables at Sebze. We bring the freshest produce right to your doorstep! For trade inquiries, bulk supply, affiliate partnerships, or a distributorship contact us.


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When it's directly from farmers, you might be concerning the freshness and quality of the veggies and fruits. Sebze understands every customer individually and serves them the best. Quality factors for fruits and vegetables include maturity, tenderness, firmness, proper size and shape, toughness, no defects, fresh skin, and flesh color.
Get the freshness of Sebze's produce at the doorstep. Get ready to order soon.

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